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Hyundai gets South Korea’s first driverless licence

March 9, 2016 4:15 pm Category: driverless cars, Latest News A+ / A-
A Genesis so new it doesn't need a driver

A Genesis so new it doesn’t need a driver

The Korean government has issued its first licence for a self-driving car to a Hyundai Genesis sedan.

The luxury Genesis sedan is equipped with a high-tech driving assist system and will be able to travel on six routes designated by the transport ministry.

The licence has been issued for five years.

South Korea’s car industry has become one of the world’s largest, and Hyundai is keen not to allow Google, Tesla and other car makers take the lead on autonomous vehicles.

The Genesis prototype has a package of features, such as cutting-edge GPS and high-tech sensors which keep it in its lane and at a safe distance form other cars.

Under the conditions of the licence, at least two people are required to stay in the car as it drives.

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