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Venturi in Bonneville EV speed record

August 27, 2015 10:12 am Category: Automotive, Electric Vehicles, Latest News, Motorsports A+ / A-
Venturi's Bonneville vehicle

Venturi’s 3000hp Bonneville vehicle

EV developer Venturi Automobiles and its partner The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research have claimed a new EV land speed record with the all-electric Venturi VBB-3 at Bonneville Salt Flats, USA.

Monaco-based Venturi, which also races a team in Formula E,  has claimed a new FIA land speed record with a one-mile average speed of 240.320 mph (386.757 kph), although, the record is subject to FIA homologation. However, due to difficult track conditions, the 3000hp car was unable to surpass its ultimate target of 307mph (495kph), set by VBB-2.5, set by Venturi in 2010.

Gildo Pallanca Pastor, Venturi Automobiles owner said: “Despite a rough track and an extremely shortened schedule, we have set a new record in our category. Our potential is still to be shown, but we have to be satisfied with what we have in the conditions we had to work with. And in these conditions we need to be very cautious with the safety of Roger.”

Roger Schroer, the VBB-3 driver said: “In 11 years here I have never driven on such a difficult track. The car was sliding on the surface from one side to the other due to soft spots and bumps.”

David Cooke, team manager from The Ohio State University Centre for Automotive research said: “We went faster than we have ever gone with this car but it’s been a very difficult week and we have done some damage to the car from extreme vibrations. But I am very confident that with a good track the VBB3 can reach its target.”

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