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China push for more charging stations

October 8, 2015 1:20 pm Category: Charging Stations, Latest News A+ / A-
Soon to be a more common sight in China

Soon to be a more common sight in China

China has signalled it will speed up the construction of a national charging network for electric vehicles as it pushes towards its ambitious goal of 5 million EV’s on Chinese roads by 2020.

China has made some progress on its car-charging infrastructure, but its approach has lacked coordination, National Energy Administration deputy head Zheng Zhajie said.

“It’s like with phone chargers — it’s a bit all over the place,” he told Xinhua.

“Everyone has a pile of different chargers and a pile of batteries. Now we’re trying to improve things, moving toward unifying and standardizing.”

In September, the state council announced new directives stating that 10 percent of all parking lots must be equipped with charging facilities for EVs.

A shortage of charging facilities has long been a roadblock to sales by makers of electric cars, from domestic firm BYD Co. Ltd. to US rival Tesla Motors.

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