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Solar helium airship could be airfreighter

March 9, 2016 4:17 pm Category: Aeroplanes, Latest News A+ / A-
Payload of 500 tonnes...speed of 300 knots

Payload of 500 tonnes…speed of 300 knots

Airfreight could be transported in a helium airship powered by solar energy, if the concept developed by a UK scientist becomes reality.

Sir David King, who a climate change representative for the UK Government and a former chief scientist, introduced his idea at a recent conference in Abu Dhabi.

He presented the concept for an aluminium airship which is being developed by a manufacturing company VariaLift, which is currently raising funds to develop a prototype.

The airship is 250 metres in length and 150 metres wide, and as high as a 12 storey building.

Built on an aluminium frame, it would contain 12 bags filled with helium, with a maximum payload of 500 tonnes.

Speeds of up to 300 knots could be achieved through the use of solar panels.

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