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Alternative Torque offers the latest alternative vehicle news, developments and offerings affecting the automotive industry in Australasia, Asia, the Pacific and Gulf States to industry participants and alternative motoring enthusiasts.

As the world turns its back on fossil fuels, clean energy vehicles are no longer the vehicles of the future – they are here now, and the world is embracing the growing number of brands and models hitting the market every day.

Clean energy family-styled passenger vehicles are being joined by vehicles being used in the trucking industry, public transport, excavation and offering a range of small passenger vehicles. Breakthroughs in clean fuels and energy storage are also creating a cleaner environment within energy hungry industries such as shipping and air travel.

Electric vehicles are being pushed to their limits and proving their performance powers in motor racing. The Formula E motor racing competition is showcasing electric cars and attracting fans all around the world.

Alternative Torque invites you to join us in being part of the most exciting developments in the automotive industry, since the invention of the … well … the automotive industry. We’re fully charged, and accelerating into the future!



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